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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

5th International Workshop on Process Tomography Logo

5th International Workshop on Process Tomography

Tomography Measurement & Modeling of Multiphase Flows (TM3)

A part of the ISIPT conference series in
September 16-18, 2014, Jeju, South Korea


Workshop: From 16th September Tuesday to 17th September Wednesday, 2014
Excursion Tour: 18th September Thursday, 2014



Jeju, South Korea


Jeju University International Center


The objective of this workshop is to stimulate cooperation among international research community and industry to discuss and solve challenges in industrial and process tomography. Following the success of the 4th International Workshop on Process Tomography (IWPT-4) held in September, 2011 at Chengdu, China, the 5th workshop, IWPT-5, will be held in September 2014 at Jeju Island, South Korea. The workshop will focus on the issues of measurement, modeling and flow visualization of multiphase flows, which pose significant technical challenges for future industrial applications of process tomography. IWPT-5 will provide an excellent opportunity for the researchers to work together on these specific challenges.


Papers on tomography measurement, modeling of multiphase flows are invited. Scientific reports and innovative industrial applications associated with these topics are strongly encouraged. Key topics are given below, but papers on related subjects are welcome.

Topic A: Measurement Techniques

Topic B: Mathematical Modeling and Reconstruction Methods

Topic C: New Applications of Tomography for Multiphase Flow Monitoring

Topic D: Nondestructive Monitoring of Industrial Flow Processes

Important dates:

1st February, 2014 Deadline for abstract submission
1st March, 2014 Notification of abstract acceptance
1st May, 2014 Deadline for full length draft paper submission
1st July, 2014 PDF file manuscript due
1st August, 2014 Early Bird registration deadline

Organized by:

International Society for Industrial Process Tomography (ISIPT)
Jeju National University, South Korea


Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea (IEEK)
The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies - The Jeju Regional Federation
Jeju National University, South Korea

General Secretariat

Dr. Kyung Youn Kim
Address: Department of Electronic Engineering, Jeju National University
Ara 1 Dong, Jeju City, Jeju 690-756, South Korea
Tel: +82-64-754-3664
Fax: +82-64-756-1745