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Mexico City 6 - 8 September 2023

Congress Venue

UNAM is in a modernist University City campus occupying a large 4km2 open parkland located in one of the most vibrant parts of Mexico City. Its main buildings are decorated with large scale artworks by famous Mexican artists (including David Alfaro Siqueiros who created the accidental painting that permeates Paul Jackson Pollock’s artistic development).  They are preserved under the convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, adopted by UNESCO in 1972.

UNAM Building Artwork

Its extensive and diverse academic infrastructure and research facilities span 2,180 buildings and 2,824 laboratories. Fundamental and applied research is conducted in 17 institutes and centres by approximately 4,000 scientists (including more than 1,000 foreign visiting scientists every year). Many of the 26,000 graduate students participate in the development of ongoing investigations.


The Congress Venue is the Ignacio Chávez Seminar Centre (Spanish: Unidad de Seminarios Ignacio Chávez) located within the campus ecological reserve. Its multiple conference rooms and outdoor spaces can be configured to suit specific needs.  

Conference Centre

The surrounding botanical gardens, with more than 1,600 species of plants, invite a relaxing stroll between Congress sessions.

Conference Centre

Climate: Mexico City is located in the Valley of Mexico within the high Mexican central plateau, at Longitude 99.1° W and Latitude 19.4° N and hence is within the Tropics.  Instead of the expected tropical hot and humid climate its elevation of 2,240 meters (7,350 ft) provides a temperate climate in September typically with warm days, common afternoon showers clearing the air, followed by cool evenings.  As shown pleasant open-air Congress facilities are available .