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Iguassu Falls

8th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

26 - 29 September 2016

Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention, Iguassu Falls, Brazil


The aim of the congress is to bring together international research community and industry professionals from all over the world in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. It will be an opportunity to exchange views and experiences in the fields of industrial process tomography technologies. The latest advances in the dynamic imaging, the measurement of industrial processes and multiphase flows, the use of CT applied to the examination and testing of industrial products (quality control) and their means of production are some of the important issues to be approached. Also, recent advances in various topics related to industrial tomography will be discussed, namely, new advances in instrumentation, the image reconstruction algorithms, generators, detectors and system tomographic signs, i.e, all recent contributions applied to the instrumentation and analysis of algorithms, hardware management and industrial tomography applications. This World Congress intends to continue the already successful preceding events, UK (1999), Germany (2001), Canada (2003) Japan (2005) Norway (2007), China (2010), Poland (2013).

Margarida Mizue Hamada

Target Audience

  • Researchers
  • University professors
  • Professionals working in fields of Industrial tomography, nuclear instrumentation; image reconstruction; industrial process analysis
  • Students

Local Organizing Committee

Margarida Mizue Hamada -IPEN/CNEN-SP - Chair
Mutahanna Al-Dahhan  -  MUST - USA - Co-chair
Tufic Madi Filho - IPEN/CNEN-SP
Carlos Henrique de Mesquita  - IPEN/CNEN-SP   
Carlos C. Dantas – UFPE - PE
Marco Jose Da Silva   -  UTFPR  - PR - Scientific Program Coordinator
Ricardo Tadeu Lopes -  COPPE/UFRJ - RJ
Alexandre França Velo  - IPEN/CNEN-SP
Diego Vergaças de Sousa Carvalho - IPEN/CNEN-SP
João F. Trencher Martins - IPEN/CNEN-SP
Ibrahim A. Said – MUST - USA
Vineet Alexander – MUST – USA
Nelson Minoru Omi - IPEN/CNEN-SP
Silvio de Barros Melo - UFPE – PE
Eduardo Nunes dos Santos - UTFPR - PR

International Scientific Committee Members

Uwe Hampel   -  Germany
Geir Anton Johansen  -  Norway
Masahiro Takei    -  Japan
Brian S. Hoyle – UK
Mi Wang - UK
Carlos Henrique de Mesquita  - Brazil
Dominik Sankowski   -  Poland
Feng Dong  -  China
Ricardo Tadeu Lopes – Brazil
Anthony Peyton    -   Uk
Marco Jose Da Silva   -  Brazil
Robert F. Mude -  The Netherlands
Jan D. Miller – USA
Laurent Babout – Poland
André Bieberle - Germany
Steven Freer   -  UK
Bjorn Tore Hjertaker   -  Norway
Carlos C. Dantas – Brazil
Kyung Youn Kim  -   Korea 
Eric Maire   -  France
Bill Randall   - South Africa
David M. Scott   -  USA
Jan Sikora    -  Poland
Mauchehr  Soleimani    -    UK
Hugh Stitt   -  UK
Marko Vauhkonen  -  Filand
Lihui Peng  - China
Shantanu Roy, IIT Delhi, India
Mohammed Al-Johani  -  Saudi Arabia
Jamal Chaouki    - Canada
Ted Hendle - USA
Jaafar Abdullah -  Malaysia


Margarida Mizue Hamada
Nuclear and Energy Research Institute - IPEN/CNEN-SP
Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 2242 Cidade Universitária
São Paulo – BrasilE-mail:
Phone: 55- 11- 3133-9779