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ISIPT World Congress


World Heritage City of Bath 2 - 6 September 2018


The Proceedings of the World Congress in IPT (ISSN 2309-3870) are available under Open Access terms on the ISIPT website.  ISIPT members have full access to all proceedings.  Non-members can freely access Abstract information.  The ISIPT World Congress Proceedings are widely abstracted - for example by Elsevier Scopus.

Special editions of several global journals have Special Editions.  See: for details and examples.

Special Editions will be available for selected papers from WCIPT9, subject to quality and relevance.  Of course for further publication the WCIPT9 must typically be expanded to include further in-depth description and extended results and discussion.

Current agreements for Special Editions:-

  1. MDPI - Sensors

    ISSN 1424-8220.  Impact factor: 2.677

    This journal covers the science and technology of sensors and biosensors.

    It would be suitable for research papers describing novel advances in IPT sensing technology with early trial data.

  2. IoP -  Measurement Science and Technology

    ISSN: 0957-0233, Online ISSN: 1361-6501, Impact factor: 1.585

    This journal covers all aspects of the theory, practice and application of measurement, instrumentation and sensing across science and engineering.  

    It would be suitable for research and practice papers describing IPT systems with specific measurements objectives and trial results.

  3. IMC - Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control

    ISSN: 0142-3312, Online ISSN: 1477-0369, Impact factor: 1.049

    This journal covers systems and control theory, sensors and signal processing, man/machine interface, computing for measurement, control and automation, adaptive control, advanced robotics, dynamic simulation and switched systems.

    It would be suitable for research and practice papers describing composite IPT systems applied in specific roles with trial results.