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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

Propose an Event

The ISIPT invites all members to consider proposing an event.  

ISIPT Events are intended to operate on a ‘not for profit’ basis, although it is normally necessary to aim for a modest surplus, to avoid a deficit outcome.  Organisers are requested to deploy surplus funds in the support of students having interests in ISIPT in their own institution.  Alternatively surplus funds can be passed to the ISIPT for future use in supporting students at Events. 

A specific requirement within all ISIPT Event budgets is a small ‘per delegate’ fee (this does not apply to student delegates attending at a reduced fee) used to sustain website development and for costs of specific event support.  The total amount (number of delegates x fee) amount is simply passed in return for an Invoice to the ISIPT.  It is important to note that no payments are made to members of the Executive Team; or to any person providing support to the ISIPT.  Funds is used solely for direct contracted website maintenance and in support of student attendance at Events.

Focussed Symposium Series

Outline proposals are invited for Focussed Symposium (FS) series events on a relevant specific topic or concept.   There are no limits to the number of FS events supported.  The format should suit the aims: a topic may be debated using a ‘round-table’ approach, or in a task-group format. Small-scale meetings are encouraged that are simple and inexpensive to mount.  Active participation is encouraged with an interdisciplinary set of attendees, not normally exceeding about 30.

World Congress Series

Outline proposals are invited for the September 2020 WCIPT10 event.  ISIPT policy is that Word Congress Events are sited around the globe. Our 2020 event should take us to an area that we will then not have visited at all, or for some time.  Our next 2018 event is in the UK, Europe; previous events have visited: Brazil, S. America (2016); Poland, Europe (2013); China, Asia (2010), Norway, Europe (2007), Japan, Asia (2005), Canada, N.America (2003), Germany, Europe (2001), UK, Europe (1999). 

WORD: Guidelines for Proposing and Organising ISIPT Events- are available to download.