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ISIPT 10th World Congress


Call for Papers

Who should attend:

Our Congress allows leading IPT researchers and industrial users to share significant progress in paper and poster presentations. The Congress explores new themes: in the science and technology of IPT; in progress in foundational topics; and pioneering industrial applications. Delegates may share their work in progress by submitting an Abstract (2-pages) for an (Oral or Poster) presentation on one of the 3 Themes/Sub-topics: -

A - New Generation Systems for Wider Support of Industrial Applications:-
A1 Multi-modal and multi-spectral methods addressing complex process distributions.
A2 Multi-dimensional systems that radically extend length and/or temporal scales.
A3 Smart tomographic systems that provide direct application data, or process control.
A4 Human-machine interaction in IPT systems.
A5 Machine learning from IPT data.

B - New Developments in Foundation System Elements for Enhanced Process Interaction:-
B1 Excitation and response sensing methods and topologies for all modes:  e.g. acoustic, electrical, hard radiation, magnetic resonance, and positron-emission.
B2 Data acquisition architectures to enhance system performance for focussed IPT products.
B3 Integrated system design and packaging for special application needs such as intrinsic safety.
B4 Raw data processing such as direct inversion and high-speed reconstruction methods.
B5 Interpretation data processing yielding industry relevant information.

C - Pioneering Industrial Case Studies:-
C1 Holistic study of industrial application for pilot investigation.
C2 Holistic study of industrial application for on-line control.

Preparation and Submission of Abstracts:

Each registered delegate may submit one Abstract. Please use the link to download the MS-Word template: WCIPT10 Abstract Template.docx to prepare your Abstract. Abstracts will be checked for relevance and adherence to the template noted below, but will not be checked for style, language, or mathematical correctness. Please ask a colleague to check your abstract. For convenience the same style is used in Full Papers that may be submitted later. When you have completed your Abstract Save As a filename in the following format which embeds your preference information: -


where, AB indicates an Abstract file, TS indicates the relevant Theme and Sub-topic (from the above list), P indicates your preferred Presentation type: O for Oral, P for Poster, DDDD is your unique 4-digit Delegate code (see Registration), and Surname is your registered name, E.g. : -

AB-A2-O-9999-Einstein.docx .. obvious why this author would choose this topic!

Check Key Dates and submit your DOCX file as an email attachment to:

You can later optionally submit a full (6 page max.) Congress Paper for the ISIPT World Congress Proceedings – see Publications.