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ISIPT 10th World Congress



Registration is for a Congress Delegate who may then attend all sessions, and optionally submit a presentation Abstract, and later a full Congress Paper (the delegate will usually be the first author for a submitted paper, but may present work of a colleague(s) with assumed agreement).

Standard low-cost Virtual Global registration fees apply to all delegates and reflect actual minimal costs.  If you are not an ISIPT member please consider joining – membership is FREE and provides benefits of notification of events, and Open Access to all full ISIPT World Congress Proceedings.  (Member details are private and never disclosed for any purpose). 

Registration fee: 50 GBP (this single minimal fee cannot be discounted for any delegates)

The fee includes: Access to all Sessions;  Congress Schedule with Abstracts;  Optional submission of one presentation Abstract; Optional submission of one full Congress Paper for Proceedings of the Congress; and Optional submission of an extended paper to Special Editions Journals (see Publications for details). 

Registration is a two-stage process.  Go to Stage (1) to Provide delegate information using the form below, to receive a unique Delegate Code, sent to your registered email address, typically within 24hr.  Next use your Code for Stage (2) below to pay your Delegate fee. 


(1) Provide Delegate Information .. to register and obtain your Delegate Code

Complete your Delegate information  below:-

When you receive your unique Delegate Code (sent to your registered email address) note the Code for later use in Filenames for submitted files, and to Access Congress sessions.  First use your Code as a Reference in your Fee Payment ..


2) Pay Delegate Fee … using your Delegate Code

If you are a member of a University or Company which has a Delegate Group pass your Code (with this information) to your Supervisor, Manager or Director to enable them to make a single Group Payment for all delegates from your Organisation.

WCIPT10 fees support administration, virtual facilities, and our ISIPT websites which provide information including access to Proceedings.  Our costs are in British Pounds (GBP) also called Sterling.  Please use detailed information below: (2A) for any UK bank account; and (2B) for any other bank account, to ensure payment is transferred in GBP.   

Fee payments are requested by Bank Transfer that requires details: ISIPT Account, paymentAmount, and a Reference for the payment: - 

(i) Single Delegate fee of 50GBP please provide Reference: registered Surname and 4-digit Delegate Code, e.g. Einstein 9999;

(ii) Group or Multi-paper fees (D delegates: Dx50GBP or P papers: Px50GBP) please provide one Reference: registered Surname and 4-digit Delegate Code, e.g. Einstein9999; and send an email to: noting the Reference used, all Names and Delegate codes and the amount and date of the total payment.

An email Receipt will be sent when we have confirmation of the payment from our bank. For Group payments we will send this to the email address used to send the list of delegate codes and payment information.

(2A) To pay Delegate Fee from a UK (GBP) bank account use the following bank details to TRANSFER the payment (please ensure details are correct): -

Bank name: HSBC
Sort Code: 40 26 02
Account number: 61642278
Account Address (if required): HSBC UK Bank, 1 Centenary Square, Birmingham, B1 1HQ, UK
Account name: ISIPT
Account type:  Business
Amount: (i) 50GBP or (ii) Dx50GBP / Px50GBP
Reference: Name Code as above.

(2B) To pay Delegate Fee from a bank account in any other currency please note your payment amount in GBP and use the following International Bank Details to TRANSFER the payment (please ensure details are correct): -

Bank International Code (BIC): HBUKGB4B
Int. Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB19 HBUK  4026 0261 6422 78
Account Address (if required): HSBC UK Bank, 1 Centenary Square, Birmingham, B1 1HQ, UK
Account Name: ISIPT
Amount (GBP) (bank will convert): (i) 50GBP or (ii) Dx50GBP / Px50GBP
Reference: Name Code as above.

Please ensure that all fees are covered by your bank.