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ISIPT 10th World Congress



World Congress in IPT Full Congress Paper submissions may optionally follow submission of an Abstract (see Call for Papers).  These will be published (subject to review) under Open Access terms on the ISIPT website.  ISIPT members have full access to all proceedings.  Non-members can freely access Abstract information.  The ISIPT World Congress Proceedings Series (ISSN 2309-3870) is widely abstracted - for example by Elsevier Scopus.   

Congress Papers must be based on MS-Word template: paper-template.  For convenience this uses the same style as the Abstract template.  Your paper must not exceed 6 pages, including references.  This limit preserves later possible extension of Congress reports with further  results and detail appropriate to a Journal paper.  Submitted Congress Papers will be reviewed by our Consultative Scientific panel.  To expedite this please ask a colleague to check your paper style, language, mathematical and scientific correctness.  When completed Save As a filename in the following format, which embeds your registration data: - 


where, CP indicates a Congress Paper file, DDDD is your unique 4-digit Delegate code (see Registration), and Surname is your registered name, E.g. : -

CP-9999-Einstein.docx    .. we expect this paper, and your paper, to be widely viewed!

Check Key Dates and submit your DOCX file as an email attachment to:  

Special Editions will be available for selected papers from WCIPT-10, subject to quality and relevance.  For this further publication the 6-page WCIPT-10 Congress Paper must typically be expanded to include further in-depth description and extended results and discussion.  We currently have invitations to provide selected Special Edition papers from: -

IoP - Measurement Science and Technology Journal – see Impact factor: 1.861 (2018), ISSN: 0957-0233 (print); 1361-6501 (web), History: 1923–present. Special Edition on: Tomographic Process Measurement.  IoP MST operates a hybrid Open Access policy and offers a variety of publication options from Subscription Access to Open Access.  

MDPI – Sensors Journal – see Impact factor: 3.275 (2019), ISSN 1424-8220, History: 2001-present. Special Edition on: Tomographic Sensors for Industrial Process Control.  MDPI journals are Open Access and may require fees.  

More details will be available later - Please revisit this page to check for updates.

Consultative Scientific Panel

We are grateful for the invaluable contribution of our expert panel members who monitor research quality for papers submitted to ISIPT World Congress Events: -

Prof. Dr. Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia

Prof. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA

Prof. Laurent Babout, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Dr. André Bieberle, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Dr. Martina Bieberle, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Prof. Elisabetta Brunazzi, University of Pisa, Italy

Prof. Zhang Cao, Beihang University, China

Prof. Marco Jose da Silva, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brazil

Prof. Feng Dong, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Uwe Hampel, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Prof Bjorn Tore Hjertaker, University of Bergen, Norway

Prof. Brian S. Hoyle, University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Jiabin Jia, University of Edinburgh, UK

Prof. Kyung Youn Kim, Jeju National University, South Korea

Prof. Geir Anton Johansen, University of Bergen, Norway

Prof. William Lionheart, University of Manchester, UK

Prof. Oleg Lytvyn, Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, Ukraine

Prof. Junita Mohamad-Saleh, Universiti Sains, Malaysia

Prof. Jan D. Miller, University of Utah, USA

Prof. Lihui Peng, Tsinghua University, China

Prof. Anthony J Peyton, University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Nick Polydorides, University of Edinburgh, UK

Prof. Bill Randall, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Thomas Rodgers, University of Manchester, UK

Prof. Dominik Sankowski, Lodz University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Manuch Soleimani, University of Bath, UK

Prof. Mashiro Takei, Chiba University, Japan

Prof. Chao Tan, Tianjin University, China

Prof. Dominique Toye, Universiy of Liège, Belgium

Prof. Marko Vauhkonen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Prof. Mi Wang, University of Leeds, UK

Dr. Thomas Wondrak, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany

Dr. Paul Wright, University of Manchester, UK

Dr. Jiamin Ye, Inst. of Eng. Thermophysics, Chinese Acad.of Sci., China