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Mexico City 6 - 8 September 2023


Congress Registration

To Register your attendance at the Congress please use the embedded email template below to provide simple Personal and Organisation information, and your Attendance mode (if you are uncertain, choose one and amend later in an email note to:, before you pay an attendance fee, and before end-June).

If you plan to submit a paper please also read the notes below on options for paper submission before registering your details.

For your personal information please provide a single Forename and your Family name,  e.g. Albert Einstein.  

Please provide the Organisation that you are affiliated with, perhaps a University, e.g. University of London; or a Company, e.g. Process Imaging Co.  Please do not include details such as department or site. 

Please also select your intended Attendance mode: In-Person or Virtual.

Please copy, paste and complete the email contents below ..


Subject: WCIPT Congress Registration 

Message ..




Attendance (select one, delete other):   In-Person or Virtual

We will reply to your Registration email with your unique Personal Delegate Code.  Please do not pass your code to others.  Congress systems only permit single use of each code at any time.  If someone else is using your code you will lose access! 

Registration Options for Paper submission

Please see details in Call for Papers.  It is essential to use the provided template to facilitate direct conversion and reduce costs of Congress Proceedings.   

Registered delegates may submit up to 2 Congress papers. Extra papers may be submitted with an extra processing fee – please email: for details.  

Delegates may register for either In-Person, or Virtual Attendance.

In-Person registered delegates who choose to submit a paper may select either Presentation mode: Oral or Poster.   

An Oral paper may be presented in a Congress Session either by an In-Person or Virtual registered delegate. Virtual delegates can ONLY submit papers with Oral Presentation mode. Virtual presenting delegates will be expected to join the Zoom Webinar as an author in advance of the scheduled session in Mexico City time.  

We have no facilities for a Virtual delegate to present a Poster paper in a Congress Session. Hence a Poster paper must be submitted and presented by at least one In-Person author.  (If you have registered as a Virtual delegate and then submit a Poster paper this will be refused – please update your Attendance mode before attempting to submit a Poster paper to save administration time!)

Delegate Registration, Visa Requirements and Resources 

To attend the Congress delegates are asked to share Not for Profit costs by paying the relevant Registration donation fee.  ISIPT Members have a slightly lower fee as confidential General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliant personal data is used for mass mailings. Non-member data is legally restricted by GDPR for use only for this specific event, requiring individual mailings increasing administration cost.  (It is free to join the ISIPT).

Cost reductions

Due to the small number of registered Virtual delegates we have reduced expected costs to retain a low fee through various savings.  Virtual attendees receive the same core Congress Proceedings and Program materials.  Revised longer paper presentation slots provide more time for in-session Q&A, eliminating the need for use of the Q&A Forum (used for our Virtual WCIPT10). We have also reduced large costs for mass cloud recording storage and its major staffing costs for remote session control. Congress Sessions take place in Mexico City time, which offers for participation from most areas of the globe,

Delegate facilities

Each registered delegate will receive PDF copies of :- 

  1. Congress Program and Supplementary information 
  2. Collected digital Congress Proceedings
  3. Opportunity to remotely join Congress sessions  
  4. Opportunity to submit up to two Congress Papers (and possible Special Edition journal submission)

 In-Person Registered Delegates will also receive: -

  1. Access to the Congress Venue for the 3 days of the Congress 6,7 and 8 Sept as included on the Congress Program.
  2. Morning and Afternoon Refreshments with a variety of hot and cold beverages and light snacks, within programmed sessions.
  3. Lunch with selections from several courses, including vegetarian options.
  4. One ticket for the Celebration Congress Dinner, planned to include local cultural entertainment (subject to confirmation).  [If you plan to be accompanied by a partner who is not registered for the Congress you may purchase a Guest ticket]. 

Fees and Payment  

Major website development, support and Congress Paper publication for indexing are paid in GB pounds (£), hence this currency is requested for payment of requested Fees.  

Registration fees: -

In-person attendance:  ISIPT Member: 330 GBP,  Non-member: 350 GBP

Virtual attendance: ISIPT Member: 60 GBP,  Non-member: 80 GBP

All delegates will receive an Invoice (to their registered email address) which includes Payment Details and Terms and Conditions, which apply (please read these carefully).

We would be grateful for early payment but please ensure that your payment is completed by 13 August as we expect to send advance Programme details after this date.  If your fees are paid by your organisation (including several colleagues) then one payment made be made (details are provided on your Invoice).  We will return a Receipt by email for each individual payment, or for each group payment to the group email requester. 

Visa Requirements for In-Person Delegates

Mexico allows visa-free access for passport holders from many states (please carefully check and verify your own case from the relevant Mexico Visa Consulate).  If your passport does not support visa-waiver you will probably require a visa application, which may require a formal Invitation from the WC Chair.  Please request an Invitation by email at:  simply noting your Delegate Code.  We will return a specific Invitation to you by return.

Young Researcher Bursary Support 

Despite ISIPT funds allocation the planned Young Researcher Bursary Support cannot be provided as despite multiple requests, ISIPT funds are withheld by the University of Leeds.  Details of this matter is provided at