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ISIPT World Congress


World Heritage City of Bath 2 - 6 September 2018

Scope of the Congress

The World Congress aims to explore new themes in the science and technology of Industrial Process Tomography (IPT).  It will address significant progress in foundational topics and pioneering industrial applications.

Our biennial global ISIPT World Congress series provides a unique opportunity for researchers and industrial users to review significant progress through paper and poster presentations, see industrial demonstrations, and share views and join in collaboration.  The Congress aims to attract the world’s leading research teams and industrial users who can benefit from IPT technology in its many areas of application.   The Congress is also the primary biennial meeting for ISIPT members, but welcomes all.

The ISIPT website provides details of all previous World Congress publications.  The 9th World Congress continues support of IPT developments of successful previous events: UK (1999), Germany (2001), Canada (2003), Japan (2005), Norway (2007), China (2010), Poland (2013), and Brazil (2016).

Our 2018 Congress takes place in the World Heritage City of Bath, UK, an ideal venue offering easy international access, a high quality venue and major local and nearby tourist attractions.

Please plan to attend and share major new IPT work at WC-IPT-9.