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ISIPT World Congress


World Heritage City of Bath 2 - 6 September 2018

Congress Programme

This programme provides preliminary information. Suggested timings for meals and breaks may be subject to minor changes. Final details will be provided in your registration pack.


Sunday 16:00-18:00 Welcome and Registration Reception (with light refreshments)
Monday 08:45-17:30 Registration, Welcome, Theme A technical sessions (+ Congress Dinner)
Tuesday 09:00-17:30 Theme A and B technical sessions
Wednesday 09:00-17:30 Theme B technical sessions
Thursday 09:00-12:00 Theme C technical session, Future session and Plenary discussion


The programme lists papers in order of the following Themes and Topics. The Theme specifies an over-arching requirement and the Topic provides a classification of a novel method or segment of a system.

  1. New Generation Systems for Wider Support of Industrial Applications:-
    1. Multi-modal and multi-spectral methods addressing complex process distributions.
    2. Multi-dimensional systems that radically extend length and/or temporal scales.
    3. Smart tomographic systems that provide direct application data, or process control.
    4. Human-machine interaction in IPT systems.
    5. Machine learning from IPT data.
  2. New Developments in Foundational System Elements for Enhanced Process Interaction:-
    1. Excitation and response sensing methods and topologies for all modes: e.g. acoustic, electrical, hard radiation, magnetic resonance, and positron-emission.
    2. Data acquisition architectures to enhance system performance for focussed IPT products.
    3. Integrated system design and packaging for special application needs such as intrinsic safety.
    4. Raw data processing such as direct inversion and high-speed reconstruction methods.
    5. Interpretation data processing yielding industry relevant information.
  3. Pioneering Industrial Case Studies

Paper classifications have been selected by authors - inevitably in some cases papers may cross-over more than one theme and topic.


The full Congress Programme is available to download.

PDF Congress Program (.pdf)