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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

5th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

The Capacitive Tomograph of Higher Sensitivity Near the Sensor Wall

    1. Rzasa1, R. Wajman2, K. Grudzien2, A. Romanowski2

      1Chair of Thermal Engineering and Industrial Facilities, Technical University of Opole


      2Computer Engineering Department, Technical University of Lodz, Poland Email:


      The paper presents a capacitive sensor of high sensitivity near the sensor wall. Sensitivity has been increased by special arrangement of additional electrodes. The additional electrodes have an area ten times less than the measuring electrodes, and they are placed between them. The paper describes a sensor structure and a method of the electrodes changing over. For the elaborated solution the sensitivity maps were calculated and compared with the sensitivity maps for typical measuring sensors. The method of sensitivity map generation and the results of image reconstruction have been presented. The sensor could be applied for measurements of two-phase gas-liquid annular flows. The paper also presents exemplary results of image reconstruction for typical reconstruction methods such as LBP, IBP.

      Keywords ECT tomography, sensitivity matrix, reconstruction algorithm

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