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International Society for Industrial Process Tomography

9th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

Bath, UK

September 2-6, 2018

ISBN: 978 0 853 16356 5

A1 Multi-modal and multi-spectral methods addressing complex process distributions

A2 Multi-dimensional systems that radically extend length and/or temporal scales.

A3 Smart tomographic systems that provide direct application data, or process control

A4 Human-machine interaction in IPT systems

A5 Machine learning from IPT data

B1 Excitation and response sensing methods and topologies for all modes

B2 Data acquisition architectures to enhance system performance for focused IPT products

B3 Integrated system design and packaging for special application needs such as intrinsic safety

B4 Raw data processing such as direct inversion and high-speed reconstruction methods

B5 Interpretation data processing yielding industry relevant information

C Pioneering Industrial Case Studies

F Past and Future Plans and Events